Sparks from past

Sometimes a tiny detail would evoke some pleasant memories. Like the sparks in sparkling water would take her to a Rocky Street, her feet hurting by the heels anointed to carry all of her… The pouring rain that came uninvited… She had checked

no rain or clouds were announced that day… Yet there she was with flat-ironed hair that turned into thousand antennas standing straight out of her head…

Mascara running down her face, there she stood soaking wet in the rain… Happy little big girl. It is at that moment she knew that she was going to be all right, no matter what.

The sparking water, tiny bubbles bursting in her mouth jasmine flower and wild lilies insight, a sunny day under the shade of their tree… And in one two three, he became history what remains is a pleasant memory 🌷🌱🌼🌸💮🌺🌻

Sparks from past

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