Mind traveler ~ the kindness you seek

Do you ever wonder, who you could have been had you taken a different path? Somewhere down the line, If you had accepted flowers from certain people if you would have loved to walk behind them(him)… If you would wake up to the rooster instead of an alarm clock. If you would have accepted destiny and made peace with things like only you made kibis right after dawn.

Knowing you, you would have been a silent nonproblematic shell of a woman. Fighting hard to leave bitterness alone and hope karma would forgive those who wronged you.

In every walk of life… Without a shred of regret, I wonder sometimes the woman I could have been had the curtains remained.

But knowing you, you would have been sorry to exist, taking little space lingering to the walls. And perhaps he would have loved you a lot less too… And he would have eventually forgotten the holy Quran he carried in his right shirt pocket. always close to his heart, that reminded him heaven lays beneath his mother’s feet, and perhaps he would have forgotten women are more than mere vessels to bear his offspring. And with time he too might have started to think less of you. Because you thought less of yourself.

Ignorance is not bliss when it hinders you from knowing the priceless woman you are. You are you. Not better, not less than anyone. Yes, mind traveler, you could have been a different one. But you turned to be to yourself the kindness you seek🌼🌻🌱

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