A key in a pile of cow shit

Imagine you have only one key for your house. Imagine you were in a hurry, tired and hungry. You took the key out of your pocket all excited by the sight of your house just around the corner. Clumsy as you are, for you walking fast is like dancing with two left feet and so you stumble. Now as you watch in slow motion, your key slipped and fell in a pile of cow shit. 🔑 🐄 💩

would you leave your key there? Or would you however disgusted, pinch your nose with two fingers, reach out and pick it up?…

So how do you expect something as irreplaceable as peace, to be forgotten and buried amongst fallen dreams?

Pick up your key, and invite peace into your being.

Peace in sorrow, peace in heartaches, peace in joyful times. Love, embrace yourself! self-love is the way to transform the arrows stuck in your heart into gentle reminders of that time your key fell… And you picked it up.

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