You get you(know yourself)

In a world where there are more judges than lovers, soft and mellow souls like you and I are often left to fight battles alone. The battle to just be authentic, real and just be.

Remember beloved, we aren’t weak for the times a tiny word seems to break us down… It’s just a reminder of our battle scars…. ask yourself are you at peace with your being?

For vulnerability is strength. it shows despite the hardship and heartaches, not only did we survive we lived through them… with our humanity intact. Allow🌻🌻🌻

Allow the pain… Make room for it. Let the “judges” marinate on their ways… They do what they know to do…

Pray for them and embrace the rare individuals that cross your path… The well-wishers, the lovers, the good intentional beings…🌻🌱 hug yourself and say, all is well my dear, I get you. (you get you) 🌻🌻🌻

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