Carry every piece with gentleness and dignity🌻🌷

When sharing our stories, there are those who listen closely to study us, to learn how to pinpoint back to our aching parts.

So that when the time is right they can disclose what they have in their hand; voila! a map leading the broken parts within us.

It’s all an act an illusion to disvalue us. Never fall for it.

My love, never carry these burdens; shame and regret they are all poison birthed from the guilt you shouldn’t embody. Not one bit

Your story is what shaped you. Carry every piece with gentleness and dignity.

Keep your head up always, humble at heart always, be the one who listens to people’s story to better understand them. 🌱🌻

Published by Muni_Mar

Heloooow and mahadsanid(thank you) for visiting my blog. I'm Munimar(combo of my two names) I'm a mother of two darling boys, a Creative soul, lover of Coffee & Kindness. I am a survivor and it's my mission to inspire and encourage my fellow survivors. Say hi😊

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