we find out that my father got killed in Somalia, which is why he didn’t get back to us. I reunite with my elder siblings over a decade later. My mother is still brave and a fighter. I have two more beautiful siblings. we are all fatherless children. but we have a fighter for a mother alhamdulillah. I met mama Dunia and her daughters two decades later. We got separated again due to our refuge status. We lost in touch with mama Aaliyah five years later after our return back to Somalia. We reunite with my uncle AbdiFitah he lives now in the UK with a family of his own. Mother and he has a bond like no other.

Life is full of tribulations.

we are survivors who insist on living.

My heart is full I am grateful

thank you

Arundhati Sharma for checking on me and loving my short stories.

Hibo Kasim for asking when am I releasing the next part.

Hafsah Farah for hyping me up!

Nuura AX, SusuCreates, Muni Safari, Fay, thank you for reading and hyping me up.

Shukri Jangale and Kaddi Engel for reading and for tips and advice.

MiriamSami my big sister who always allows me to read to her to see how the story feels.

Farhia Luul my baby sister who believes this will one day turn into a beautiful film.

my Hooyo my mother who tells me her story and gave me the freedom to write it in my way.

I love YOU.

this has been therapeutic. and this part was the hardest for me. Because I remember bits and parts of what has happened on that ship. to us. and after that.

Hawa Aduun ~ The Tribulations of Life by Muni_mar

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