Children of the night

my words fall off their ears the way water slides down a raincoat…

all emotions I pour into them…

They soak on it just to shake it off the way a tiger shakes water off its fur.

It’s not romantic this is not about the opposite sex. This is just life.

I meet souls, I love on them because my God they are so worthy of love. And perhaps I am a bit arrogant or perhaps it is naivety or good faith in humanity.

Something tells me that I am capable of soothing them. Listening to them and be that one nonjudgemental friend who’s there. I love, listen soothe them. Then I open my big mouth like a big sister style waano waano advice advice

In hopes that they too will see their own potential and oh how they glow. They could be peacemakers, healers, the ultimate lovers. I see how they could be the essence of peace inside them and transform anyone they come close to.

Seeing is a curse and and blessing…

I see too damn much…I see their lies that keep choking the air in our conversations.

How lying has become a necessity for some. And it saddens me.

I understand them. Sometimes sugar-coated truth is better than our reality.

So I share my story, please hear me if I can make peace with myself so can you. stop running from yourself love, you won’t get far.

But…my words fall off their ears the way water slides down a raincoat…

It makes me sad, but still, im glad to have come across them and loved them. The way the stars come out at tonight some souls shine brighter and feel safer in the dark ~ children of the night.

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