A glimpse of his softness

In laughter, he would let himself go and laugh and giggle yes I said giggle. Beautiful laughter like the way a child laughs when tickled. Then suddenly something changes his composure changes all serious and tensed;

he looks at me to check if how I look at him changed by what he had just revealed; The softness within

And I could see all the ways he was taught to think he was being less of a man for feeling… for showing how he felt. Pole sana

What a burden it must be, how empty it must feel if anger is the only emotion you were allowed to carry.

Psst… Weli wad yartahay ee iska gadh, ka shaqee naftadoo isku quudh naxariis… Jeclow ruxad tahay oo maweeli manakaga. Weli intaad noshahay walle wad ledahay wakhti ee huunow dhis aqalkaga. (Ruuxdada/maskaxdada/qalbigaga)

Fix yourself you are still young and laugh like a child that’s being tickled. Allow love to embrace you, boy stop playing around and love on You.

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