You won’t get a “maybe” from me

I have come across the right people in the wrong time… they were wiser, self-aware secure humans, and I a clueless hopeless giant risk-taking marshmallow of a woman. And even when I was less mind grown I have always been mindful of my presence. The load of my emotions the force in my passion, always either addictive or terrifying to mess with.

I have seen the mess and wreck we left behind the times we threw logic out of the window. The times I had to pick my heart amongst fallen leaves 🍂

Right people just in the wrong time

Perhaps we could have been a thing or more in another life… but once again you are just a beautiful soul who showed up at the wrong time.

Therefore take my airblown kisses and well wishes

my dear I am no hoarder… I don’t like to keep people with a maybe.

Muaah💋 cheerio bye bye 🌠

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