The Bliss

Man, I knew life was hard. I have boxes up on boxes of trash and dirt filth and pain. Some boxes are opened cleaned and orderly put away…

I am grateful for that. Indeed life was hard, but I was hopeful for a better life in the hereafter…I didn’t want to go to hell so I stayed away from anything that could potentially make me a candidate for hot flames.

But then hell came down on me in the shape of a human. At first, he admired my blind faith perhaps even envied my joyfulness in spite of the huge boxes I carried on my back.

Then he wondered how I could blindly believe in the unseen. Then he made it his mission to open my eyes to his truth. (There is nothing after this) When heated arguments weren’t enough to persuade me, his fists knocked some “senses” into my head bursting my little bubble.

What I am mourning now is the blissful peace I had in my little bubble of faith… How life simply made sense to me back when I could close my eyes and say a prayer. Nothing makes sense anymore.

The irony is that now I envy those who have unshakeable faith. The bliss Keep it, guard it.

I would never take that from you love.

My rude awakening doesn’t have to be yours too…

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