Turn around let me change this page

I walked down a quiet road, alone… I used to do that a lot, just walk without a destination in mind.

But this time I was heading to a seashore. As I wandered, what you said came down on me like rainfall, pinching cold yet pleasantly soothing.

They say the truth hurts, but how exactly? Is it like a fist hitting your chest? Or like nails dug into you?

Ask me how…

It felt like sharp stabbing right in between my ribs. Painful you can’t breathe.

I reached the seashore and stood admiring the waves. Your words hit my face again like the breeze from the ocean.

The truth hurts but when the truth is what you already felt in your gut, it is liberating and ought to be celebrated. M – Elelele

But the sea was mad, she tossed and turned and cursed. I sat down admiring her fierceness…

The sea – Go back and break everything, roar and cuss him

M – but but… I can’t

The sea – Then sit here like a fool who can’t even cry.

The sea mocked me…

I sat there for a while… I think the sea pitted me she sighed and asked calmly – are you gonna stay?

M – hell no! I can’t do that to myself.

I think the sea smiled

– What are you gonna do now?

M – now I will write until every hole in my soul is whole.

I turned around to walk back…

“it was a mistake, a temptation?” man you are so full of shit.


Kindly turn around your page in my book is finished.

I am just gonna say how I feel then Chao. She is beautiful anyone with eyes can see that. Young and free.

Did you smell her hair? Was it bam wham thank you, madam?!

Or was it neck kisses and dim lights? Did you kiss her with your eyes closed? Disrespectful ungrateful selfish human, what have you become? Have I ever let you sleep unfed? I know for sure it isn’t lack of show at home, remember how I made my name dance in the tip of your tongue?

“it was a mistake, a temptation?” man you are so full of shit. Feelings we all got them, needs we have them, we just don’t go around and share them with anyone but the one.

What are you a peacock?

But what about me? What is so intensely wrong with me that I tolerated so much for you to even think this too shall pass? What will pass is your time in my life!

I gotta find that pit hole deep in my soul. Clean it and speak peace to it. Shit… See I knew I wasn’t the sister cool with sharing. This shit hurts. Fuck you yeah, but also thank you for telling the truth.


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