Your legacy our remedy

There is a culture of avoiding sorrow avoiding grief and pretending like there is no ache in our soul, if we don’t mention your name. But that is far from the truth. There is and will always be an emptiness no one and nothing will ever fill. You are gone our world is forever scarred by the sudden manner you were snatched away.

You gave us hope that we too may return home to plant our misplaced roots. The right soil to heal our woundedness. You made us fall in love with the land that chased us out and in return, we grew distant.

Hodaneey, you will be remembered for the joy and laughter you taught us to associate with our reputation.

Replacing the chip in our minds filled about tales of war, refuge, and pirates…

By revealing to us the endless seashores, the azaan as an alarm clock, colorful people and streets of spices the land of poets aka the horn of Mama Africa.

Your legacy is our remedy.

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