What issues? No, we just need to mourn.

We have deprived ourselves of mourning our fathers.

A long line of men who either walked out, gunned down or ate our flesh.

It is ok to mourn.

For the father who was taken by gunmen.

For the one who walked out on his motherless babies.

Mourn the protector who became the preditor. Mourn for what he should have been. A father.

Let us mourn for the father we never had.

Let’s acknowledge the great loss we have suffered. Accept it and make room for the roaring ache. Abo ma lihid. (You don’t have a father) And the one you had, you wish you hadn’t… Therefore we shall mourn who they should have been.

Why talk about this now?

so we may quit falling for men who have traits of the men we know… Absent or abusive or a combination of both? In English, it’s called “daddy issues”

What issues? No, we just need to mourn.

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