Time for a hug

Love you were so selfish with your time. I wanted to borrow your arms for five minutes… I wanted a moment of…

unconditional closeness… Something as simple as a hug. The kind of medicine assured to calm the chaos in one’s heart whilst silencing the wind howling in one’s mind …

It seemed as if there was never time to slow down to hear what’s being said. Sure we want more; love, time, honesty, commitment, respect, admiration and hugs Lots and Lots of tight and righteous hugs. However, it seems like you hadn’t learned to show up on time to just embrace us.


This one was in the archives, but today it was good to read it because I feel like we often lack to understand sometimes advice isn’t what we need. We simply need unconditional love and a hug. We have faith enough to know that things will get better… But knowing this doesn’t calm the chaos inside our minds in the midst of chaos a hug on the other hand… Phew child!

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