The dance between the Sun and the Moon

Like the waves in the ocean know their own rhythm every fiber in her knows to sway to her melodies…

So when the sun asked the moon for a dance… She danced with the wind under her wings

The sun felt his shine was dimming by the way the clouds gathered to watch her sway only the way she could…

the sun shone harder and said louder… “I said dance – not persuade the elements enchanting them all under your spell…”

The moon stopped dancing baffled by the accusation… She then stood tall and said “oh dear this is me dancing no magic nor spell is involved. But I have a secret combination and should I use it there would be earthquakes and lavas raining…”

Never ask for a dance you can’t keep up with… And if you do, don’t be ashamed to learn the new dance.

For every teacher was once a student.

Love, The Moon

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