Another type of fuel


It is another type of fuel… It makes me clean Yeah scrub this scrub there, scrub the walls hell if I could reach the roof I would scrub it too…

Listen to angry rap songs and clean even more.

Then a wave of calmness hits me in the midst of my anger then collectedness… Now I am calm and collected.

See, I am not scared of a passionate feeling such as anger when it’s my own because I know how to ride it, how to use it wisely(hence it being energy source that gets me cleaning.) With my arthritic joints and aching back, I don’t waste energy on pettiness. No dear, it gets me to want to doll myself up after I fix my surrounding. I also know how to calm it so…

Anger… is just another type of fuel.

Is anger a fuel to you too? Can you speak to it and talk senses to it? I have seen anger taking a soul over… It isn’t a pretty sight but that is a tale for another day… This I will say though… Know your anger… Know why and who is poking at it. Speak to it. Allow it, then calm it.

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