Competitive writing about Love ~ submitted to Somaliwriters club on IG🌷

It is as if life before you was a tasteless long ugly road. Darling, you make my day brighter no matter the circumcises.

You are my favorite everything. My friends say you sound like a donkey when you sing but what do they know about love eh?

Butterflies pinching my stomach my chins all warm and pink just by the sound of your voice.

And like any villain in a love story, fear was our enemy. I feared for my heart and how lost I would be in this world, should you decide one day that love has finished.

Remember the time I got scared and pulled away?

Yeah, that started a war within me, as if I was depriving my soul of its own source of energy.

My lungs declared any oxygen that was far from you to be toxic and impure.

My eyes decided to be a waterfall of salt and fire burning my cheeks with every teardrop cursing me for pushing you away.

Every time I wanted to call for someone, anyone your name slipped through my lips exposing to the world that it’s you who lived in my heart.

And TIME my love didn’t seem to help, it only made your absence louder

loving you had colored my sky pink and made the clouds taste like cotton candy.

When I pushed you away the sun seemed colder only at my corner

People wore shorts and dresses all warm and smiley

I wanted to move around in a blanket

Freezing cold angry and thorn

Even my favorite cookies started to taste like sandpaper. Nothing was right until you were by my side.

you are magical no you are a wizard no one should possess such power to make a wise lady act a fool losing her senses impulsive and reckless.

Ninty days of fighting between the mind and the heart came to an end and the heart won

You are our home my mind and heart said to me in sink, but he is our joy.

So joy I came to find you also in a battle with you. I guess our love was meant to be. And now

nothing bothers me I have found a cure to rainy days, and it is the notion of you. Thinking about you, makes the traffic jam seem like an old friend who came to listen to our Song.

when I sit next to you, I feel at home. Like if I tilt my head it is drawn to your side as if your shoulder is a pillow designed just for me.

All I want to say is, dee wan ku jecel nahay

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