Teacher or Traveler?

I think I am ok with some chapters closing for good because everything was disclosed. No secrets, why would there be any? When everything is so much better shared? We were breathing the same air windows closed daylight through the cracks on the door.

I think you saw that I meant it when I said; “I required transparency”, you started to walk backwards. The idea of being transparent scared you more than the idea of you standing in a park wearing nothing but your birthday suit… Because you knew to be naked was not the same as being an open book.

Being transparent means being open and honest about our stories, our fall of grace, our scars and the battles we fought to win ourselves back… To tell the stories behind every scar and dark alleys we should have avoided but we didn’t because we were self-sabotaging hurt people who hurt(our selves) I know this because not long ago, I too was in your shoes… I too wrote about not wishing for anyone to come close enough to see the cracks in my soul.

Some people are just passing through and stop by our road to rest… Some are teachers disguised as lovers… They teach us about love about hurt about loss and test us to differ the real from the fraud… Either way, whether I was a traveler and you a teacher or vice-versa… What matters is I am ok with the closing chapter.

And my dear if I can see my cracks as beauty marks who say you can’t create a door in your wall for loved ones to come through Give yourself time… You too will be alright.

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