Confronted unpleasant childhood

I went so far as peeping through the cracks of the place that once used to be my playground.

I walked very close to the door where our childhood was stolen. And the small stones we threw in the air playing with rocks, didn’t feel like rocks being thrown at me anymore. The people know the street know what was done. And for once no one dared try to throw a stone… “Shh never cry out loud collect your robbed vessel that has become a living corpse and never speak of the it or you will carry the burden of evil act you didn’t ask for” that is what they said…

Did they change? No, I did. I shut them down with my self-awareness. See, now that I know who I am, there is no option or opinion about who I am that can be painted on me. Mama, we made it! I walked with my head high my feet on the ground in the street I used to cling to the shadows. I am alive walking in the sunlight see me see Muni she is alive and well she doesn’t exist no she is living. Alhamdulillah

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