A daring convo ~

Things are different now… in some ways. I am secure in the woman I am. At last, here we are. 🤗 Now I know I am beautiful and kindhearted. I am also sexy and thoughtful. I can be independent but I want someone to depend on. I want and need, oh I crave unlimited hugs. No questions asked hugs. Someone safe to hug and cuddle too. Someone big. Because I am always big. Big in form big in thinking and big in being an understanding person. There, sometimes I want to be little… And yearn for a warm embrace. I want to be foolish and make silly jokes, think out loud, share deep thoughts… is it too much to hope to grow old with someone? Still, loving and caring for one another…

Someone to embrace and be clingy with just as good as giving arm space when needed.

To watch each other grow gracefully learn from our mistakes and call them lessons. Travel and eat good food, plant good seeds and trees. Raise our kid’s solid self-loving human beings who are able to love beyond and above. Someone melanin-rich mindful soulful kind to animals and humans. Someone to make wild love to. Sweet love to. Sing and dance for baby, where are you?

And while I want all that, I am in no way selling myself short. There is nothing wrong with being alone because baby, lately being alone doesn’t feel lonely. Muni(yes I am talking about myself in the third person) is so much fun! dang, this girl is who I want to be. (again talking about me but am not crazy at least not in a bad way) 🤪

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