How peace is born

All i know is you my love, my wordpress. I feel heavy for not unwiring my mind lately. Life is indeed going in speed, but I am hopeful we will catch some breaks. The new year is here. The first one in a long while to come and pass without me reading a long list… about “changes to be made and prayers to be prayed…” I guess this year I will just have to see without the list. On the third day in this year, I see on the social media people making jokes about wwlll and it turns my gut. War is not to be joked about. We are here dreaming wishing to raise children unaffected by the war. Secure selfloving human beings who are able to love beyond and above. War is the great disturbance of that dream. May we all learn to love beyond and above our imagination. For my dear, Love is the cure that gives birth to peace.

I feel lighter now that I have written out some words.🌻

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