Mourn to move on

I don’t have to curse your name and disrespect the love I had for you. However, broken to pieces my heart still managed to love you. I loved you with all my heart and so I have every damn right to mourn for my lost love. No one dare shut me up, I will cry until there is no more to cry about.

Cry about our home that you trashed. Doqon yahow, wan Ku jecla. you know damn well I was damn good to you. I was good for you.

I will mourn us. I will mourn our love lost.

It doesn’t mean I will trust you with my life again or let you back in. It means I cry if needed and pray that you may reach your potential to the fullest for the brain I fell in love with

is buried somewhere within you. Boy, work on you and be the better you, I know(hope) you can be. Be that and all for yourself. And find someone else.

And I, I am allowed to mourn that which is lost without wanting it back.

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