I love old buildings and the people

I saw the most beautiful house the other day… It was full of holes it was undone. I imagined a time this house was the new jewel in town. I imagined the Mrs standing on its balcony watching a sunset… Just imagine a time the owners were proud and dolled this house up. With the latest glass windows and imported furniture…

Now it stands alone slowly fading… Next to brand new houses and new neighbors that call this house ugly… If only they knew the history this house holds…

The love, the fight, the war, and the lies it had heard and kept. The heat is served and the rain it had sheltered many from. Now it still serves as a host for living souls who like this house, once were shiny and new. They were someone’s crush now all they do is, search for a place to crash. Everything old darling was once new. Anyone hurt plenty crumbles with time in pain. We are not special, life is a puzzle we must figure out how to hurt less… How to hurt without hurting anyone let alone ourselves.

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