Mini Salman

Did I tell you about mini Salman? This one was annoying and funny. A neighborhood village kid who loved singing Hindi songs.

One day mini Salman came to our house and stood at the gate. I was sitting on a stool under a big tree, I was doing laundry, washing clothes with soapy water, and my hands. Mini Salman must have been watching Salman Khan that day for he stood at the gate with his bare chest. Puffing his chest full of confidence. “Ala-ala ” my sister who was sweeping the ground screamed and threw a sandal at him. I was in shock but soon joined my sister and neighborhood girls in a laughter choir “Does he want us to count his ribs?” They said. Poor kid never bothered us again. Sorry please forgive us for laughing at you. I hope you got your confidence back with your sanity intact.

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