Intravenous versus the safety net

I give all my crushes/situasionships a nick name. This one was called intravenous. He was one melanin-rich farax. Beautiful creature of a man.

Tall and slim the opposite of my short and fat figure. And somehow he had figured me out. He would call out of the blue talk for an hour or two, fill my ears of dreams and empty promises then once he noticed that I was hooked to his lies…

He would disappear. Days turn to weeks then right when am about to forget and delete him, he would jump right back in my ear. Hock me up again with his lies and like a dehydrated body takes in every drop of water, I was a dessert in need of good news and daydreams even if they were untrue. He was a escape from my reality that I admit. and I guess he needed a safety net, aka a woman he could come around to settle with, once he was done chasing butterflies.

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