I had a thorn stuck in my fro


I had a thorn stuck in my fro
But how could you know?
You only spoke to my Shadow..
My shadow is silent and shines like a silver…
But I am a River…

You recognized tenderness
You quenched your thirst

you showed me your hiding place
I went to work…
Did I not pluck wild lilies and dandelions out of your yard?
Did I not sing you songs to silence your midnight storms?

tell me who shortened Those long winter hours?
Who took a broom and chased away your sorrow hiding behind shadows?

With laughter and bright spring colors… I reminded you that you matter..(and you do matter)
tell me who brought back your walk empowered?

who told you: Heads up, but do not stumble, remember to be humble.
shoulders down, breathe darling breathe..
it won’t rain forever, so for now feel the wind breeze…
Look at them Sultan, look…

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