Hawa Aduun ~ The Tribulations of life part 14

Trigger warning ⚠️⚠️ #Abuse

Kimina was flaming hot and not only because of the heat, but she was also furious. She found out the man standing in front her who have tried to drag Aliyah by force is not blood-related to the girl. Aliyah was an orphan and the man’s family took her to be her foster family. While raising her to become a servant and an unpaid maid.

Many families had domestic workers but they were paid for their services. While children like Aliyah who were raised to become a maid never were paid.

Kimina Recognized the fear in Aaliyah’s eyes. She had seen the same look in the eyes of another child servant. Suddenly something that happened over a decade ago flashed through Kimina’s memory. She took her hand up “if you think I will leave this place without Aaliyah, you are mistaken” You filthy donkey she said through her breath.

People gathered around them. The man puffed his chest in confidence.

Kimina remembered a fight that had occurred between her mother and her one and only aunt. Her mother was yelling. Kimina ran into the house room with her shoes to find out why her mother was yelling. Her mother was usually cheerful and happy when her sister came to visit. Kimina walked slowly towards the living room trying to be as light feet as possible. Id her mother saw her wearing shoes indoors she would get an ear flip and a lecture on how the house needs to be clean and dahir pure for prayer times. She was too curious to take off her shoes despite the consequences.

Her aunt was yelling back “this shakshuka slut, is lying” she was pointing at a girl twice old as Kimina. Kimina was six years old. The girl was quite sitting on the floor wide-eyed. Kimina thought she looked like one of her dolls with the staring plastic eyes.

Haram Alek, shame on you she is just a child, I believe her and you should too.” her mother said hitting her chest in frustration. “so, are You going back to the evil man, even after this?” her mother softened her voice. “Naya he, na miyu ku dila adiguna?” woman does he hit you too?; You must be dead, a corpse of a soul if you stay with him after what he did to this poor child. Her mother said and went to sit on the floor with the girl. Her aunt turned around and walked towards the window. Kimina felt envious by the way her mother picked up the girl and embraced her as if she was her child. So she walked slowly towards her mother.

Her mother seeing her come said “aah Kimina, Hoyo go and call aunt Rweyda to tell her to bring her eyeglass with her, tea and sweets” Kimina stopped then ran out of the living room jumping on one foot at a time. Her four long braids were making Kling cling sound as the marble hair decor was swaying at bumping into one another. Kimina hummed a song blissfully unaware of the horror the little girl with the blank staring eyes had witnessed.

Back to the present, now that Kimina herself was a survivor of such assault she recognized the look. The look of a little girl who had just been robbed of her innocence. And left with confusion and despair. That is the look that little girl her mother held and comforted had. Her mother and aunt stopped seeing one another after that day. Aaliyah had the same look. And Kimina being her mother’s daughter refused to let go of Aaliyah until she was sure she was far and away from her abuser.

“if you weren’t pregnant I would have slapped you, little girl, now give that thing to me so she can go and fetch water for the family before it gets to her turn to be circumcised.” the man said. Kimina could see the green leaves he had been chewing still stuck to his teeth. The Khat is one hell of a drug. It made the men that chewed high, with googly red eyes.

Kimina’s blood boiled, she wished she had the strength of her mother that day. “Her name is Aaliyah, she is not a thing and she is not going anywhere with you.” she wanted to say to him bacaac baa baa, you grass eater. But she didn’t. Madka-Kher had told her what Abdalla did to him. Had she not been in an intense hostile situation, she would have laughed loud again by the picture of Abdalla gathering grass and laying it in front of Madka, then say baa to him, eat the grass you sheep. Suddenly the man came at her with his hand raised high ready to strike her. People intervened immediately. After back and forth argument Kimina took off her gold earrings and necklace. She placed it on her hijab. Bent and begged the man to release Aaliyah into her care. “uncle, let me raise her, please take my first and only set of gold in exchange of me raising her.” Kimina knew if a fight broke she would lose two times.

Aaliyah would be taken by force. She would get hit for being a disrespectful big mouthed girl with no uncles, brothers to avenge her or demand respect on her behalf. The man took the gold gladly and let them go.

The gold was her whole insurance. With the land becoming more and more unsafe due to clan issues. If a war broke God Forbid in the villages, she would sell the gold and have enough money to escape to peaceful cities without worrying about their food for months. Looking at how relieved Aaliyah was holding her hand walking back to the compound guest house Kimina was certain she made no mistake.

Aaliyah, from now on you and I are blood-related, sisters from the same womb ok? You are my sister from now on ok? Aaliyah just nodded politely as she ate everything Kimina served her.

Kimina felt such love and compassion for Aaliyah. I must be carrying a daughter to feel all this. She thought fo herself wiping tears off her face.

The voice of Madka-Kher spoke near her, startling Aaliyah. “ it’s just the radiotelephone macanto sweety” Kimina picked up and pressed “come again Madka I didn’t hear you, over”

Madka-Kher was breaking through. “we are on ou… Over” Kimina didn’t hear but guessed he was saying that they were on their way back from a field trip. “safari Salama safe journey my love. over” she says

“I saw my mother and brother yesterday are they with you now? Over”

Kimina felt dizzy. Did he say his mother? His mother?

“I have to drive again see you soon love, and I, I am sorry love. over and out”

Kimina sat down.

Between her heart beating fast and the humming sound in her head, she couldn’t hear her thoughts.

She shut down her thoughts. Got up slowly and turned to Aaliyah.

Do you want to sit outside under the tree and play ai ai with the rocks? She remembered how fun it was for her to play with stones and small rocks when she was little. Aaliyah smiled revealing deep dimples. Kimina smiled back looked up at the roof and says “Allow ada ino maqan” God, you are all we’ve got.


Hello beautiful,

Yeah, you reading this.

Thank You so much beautiful soul for taking the time to read my short stories.

I am going to take a break from writing Hawa Aduun ~The Tribulations of life for the rest of this month July.

It has been a pleasure and a privilege to share my family’s story with you.

I try to write as accurate as possible, with a room of my own fantasy as to how I see it in my head the story unfolds.

I will be back in august i.a because the stories need to come out. It is therapeutic for Kimina to share and for me to write her story.

Thank you again for the love, support and patience you have for my amateur writing and feery little good English 😅🥰😍

Love and hugs from


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