Two halves

I ignored every alarm that went off…
I had a glimpse of your fallen sunset
Holding fast to the kindness in You
And your desire to preach about peace
But desire was not enough for us was it?
I was effed up too… Your calmness scared me yet it draw me near
Turned out to be a silent storm and I was always in your way.
I was too lost in pain trauma had become my language…
I ignored the bells… And invited a storm into my unfinished unloved house of a heart…
Doomed by our selfishness…
You were aware how wrong your hands were, but it was easier try to tame me than it was to fix your inner and tame your storm…
And I was the one who said “any pain but loneliness, so hello darkness”
We had The potensial to be Great. We could have build the school & orphange… Move back home to spread the love, Grow old…
Two halves don’t make a whole – Jason Mraz

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