I am my own saviour

Huuno, what makes you think I want your tesla?

I want to buy my own horse and carriage with my blood and sweat…

I am a woman under Construction but not for you…

I am a mom not out of date chocolates on sale

Meaning it doesn’t take black shades and one hand on the steering wheel to impress me…

How mind-grown are You?

You heard my story and so what?

Did You expect crumbling beauty of a woman?

I am a divorcee, mom of two with a hell of background… And aching joints yes, however, what I am not, is expired milk…

Don’t You know, the earthquake I make while I walk is me carrying myself. (not referring to the 100kg 😂)

How dare I? Who do I think I am?
I am my own saviour is what I am…

Who the hell are you to make dibs on my time?

Disrespecting the blood and sweat
I’ve put in myself
to be alright in my own Company…
To see the sparks of beauty in my reflection…
Hun, the confidence you mistake for arrogance
are the results of my handy work…
The woman under Construction…
Lord have mercy on your ignorant soul…

There is nothing you own,

carry or possess

That I want

let alone need.

Bisinka iyo yasinka

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