The length I have walked to happy You…

This time I have chosen to shut the doors and cut ties… Sorry it is the power You held over me I cut ties with… I needed me too. I need to belong to myself… For we know how lost we can get, belonging to someone else don’t we?

Trying to fit in and push ourselves in your time table… We would be like, ~we can sleep on the floor You take the bed~… Mixing our tradition and belief in a world One was taught to look after themselves…

But dear, if You were looking out for you, and we were looking out for you, who had our backs? If all I did was live for you…

I did all that for it was easier to love You. Than it was to love myself... Or so I thought...
The things lies planted in us do to us... Body grown, shrunk mind shattered self esteem... 

But now I know better… See the good cutting ties did for me?

I wish you could sense the growth and how beautiful it is here. The peace and love is like nothing else…

I would have shown you if you had not been obsessed with how things used to be… The time I was nothing more than an empty skull… you loved the broken one… You called on the broken One… And even then, I was not broken enough to be tamed… Not when kisses on the forehead turned into spits… Holding hands into boxing match… I fought back at last.

You need me you say, but dear we know You need the broken One to feel whole. Well she will do you No good for she isn’t broken anymore 🌱 🌻 🌺

If I was vanishing then, best believe Now I am flourishing.

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