I am working on myself




My part in the becoming my own prisoner…

Then change



And fall inlove with myself…

How foolish of me to have wanted your love to cling on to like a child does to their pacifier…

When I was unable to love myself?!

Since when does a flower Bloom by wishful thinking?

With out The soil, water, sunlight and lovely words…? A flower vanishes with time…

How lazy of me to want a kind of love I wasn’t willing to work for?…

And oh Wow

How pleasant it is to have Come across this knowledge…

I am The One to set me free

I am The One to love me deeply

With out a doubt

I am deserving of Good love, Healthy love, build you up love.

Grow old together love.

Or atleast I am working on myself to Believe this one Day without a shread of a doubt.

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