Can’t turn a blid eye

My crime was being born into a lawless land…

My crime kicking a ball made of magazine and a sock on a minefield

to see my brother’s foot go boom…

my crime was being struck by hunger and wishing it was a lighting that hit

my crime was being one of many

and seeing my mother’s sore feet for the miles she walks to fetch water…

Once in a while we would see from our neighbor’s screen people laughing

sitting beside a fully clothed table with food and water…

the screen also showed that their sky was also blue… their stars shined in the dark too… they cried and laughed… they bleed like us and fought in anger like us.

The nomad in me came to life… perhaps I could take on a journey to the other side of the sea…

Reach there, where the hunger and war did not stay for too long.
Get an honest earning and build a bigger hut for my siblings…

It was my crime being born into unlawful land.
but whose crime is it?

if I was enslaved by an awful man?
what separtes us? the man swinging the belt and dripping burning plastic bottles on my flesh? I see my skin melt off…

What separates you from me?

if you are going to turn a blind eye… My dear what difference does it make that you are not my enslaver? Now that you saw… You aren’t unaware or in your pleasant bliss.

See I would not. IF you were in my place I would roar I would walk I would cry I would do all in my power to be your voice…

but what are you going to do? would you help to unchain me so I may go back to being a living thing…

I am now at a place I wish
I was dead already.
it is not possible to be physically immune to this torture. So, would you please hurry up and release me from my capture?

Sorry, I thought we had the same sky meaning and we were meant to breathe also as along as we lived.

If you think I didn’t commit a crime by staying true to our Nomadic Roots then Why am I being punished?

Listen. People are being abused human trafficked and enslaved world wide. Right now in Libya living beings are tortured. what is their crime you ask? well, let us say they fled from war from hunger from drought. Men made it their family business to torture these people for ransom money.

as soon as I saw the video I quickly went to see how long it was. Because I knew I could not stomach to watch it in full length.

I can not pretend like I just did not see a human being whipped… and burned… I can not pretend that I did not see that a living being treated horrifically. I can not. can you? would you? It is in our nature to flee war and distress… History tells us this much…

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