Sorting out thoughts

Be my second wife he said with such a assurance… with no regards for the fact that his lovely wife mother of four was well and still pretty if I may add…

Only a decade ago she threw us a party. And invited me and my friends to her house.

I remember thinking then that she was too old to want to hang with us. But today I know better. She was only struck by her luck? to have married in such a young age. If she was older than us, it must have been only by six to seven years.

I am not surprised by his greed. But I am indeed disappointed.

Why? Can we truly not smile at a fellow brother or uncle in his case, without drawing out their barnyard animal within to the surface?

I was only 13 the first time another uncle with big belly came from London to marry me. I heard he had kids my age and elder back in the UK. I had managed to make them leave. One did not like the fact that I spoke english better than him. One did not like that I answered and asked questions. One acually listened to me and knew that I was too young. but this one was stubborn. Big belly London man was stubborn as his rounded belly that refused to stay tucked in.

He knew the route to the souk were I go he had said. Thus I became | maqabiyah| Never set foot outside until I was taken out on a bus… dare I say a year later? If memory serves me right… yes.

Thank you to the beautiful sister who chased big belly London man with a knife. She marked herself that day to be nicknamed * the jealous shortie” but what she did was save a life. My #Shero

The answer is still NO by the way.

I am fine on my own. yes perhaps it is a lie. but it is a lie I need to believe until I don’t need to. Most definitely it is a truth to the core when it comes to settling with we are not about to do.

“I am not an expired tomato to be given away for free”.

said by a 14 years old Muni_mar

if I was going to settle honey, I would still have been married.

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