Distance Love

With Our Minds

We bring love to life by imagining the most beautiful scenarios…

We replace the * what if’s *

with * imagine this… *

While the voice and beautiful words dim down the need to hold hands…

Pictures and air kisses make up for the *look me in the eyes *

Atleast for a little while…

So out of reach

So out of reality yet we swore nothing was ever more real…

Strangers on the bus thought we were smiling at them when infact it was the mind Playing scenes of us in Paris… taking photos infront of the Taj Mahal…

We Missplace the Pyramids from Egypt now they are in Xamar.

We climb Mount Kilimanjaro in an hour… Sleep in a tent by the Niagra Falls….

We can do it all as long as we close our eyes and drift away

By the power of our Minds….

Distance love

Late nights and early morning

How good we were to convince our selves of the purest love of them all…

Every Great lie has but only One leg…

Tumbling Down he came…

“the love has finished”



heart is being twisted in ache

For someone that never came close enough to begin with!!

What is up with our Minds?

Should we blame The romcoms? or those filthy words that were said in perfect context. *The stars are my witness* chezy sentences… To shoot sharp arrows that never missed their mark…
Or atleast they never did…
– grown folks know better…

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