Greedy love

Imagine the Ocean without the shore?

Without a Beach and the sand…

Every creature needs it’s nest…

That’s why I can’t make you, my house… Or allow me to be your nest…

I am yet to learn how to love generously,

See, I get greedy in love and banish me out of myself…

I make a bed for your soul to live and breathe in my bloody organ… the one that beats…
While mine wanders restlessly
homeless hungering for the love she gives



hungering for the love she gives only to receive it in the quarter the portion if any…

Now she is mad and she is greedy once again…this time she will not stand up to shake hands let alone evacuate her nest.

Let our souls be satisfied and fed with selflove to the point we are able to love our selves like we love others…

Love like the ocean she has all the life living in her, they made house in her but She has the Shore The Beach and The Sand to herself

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