Slamming doors

Slamming doors

Heavy footsteps…

My trigger points… Heart pounding sweat dripping sleepless nights

I don’t remember How we got there? I don’t remember when and where The line was crossed…

Could it be The lies you told that I have believed?

Were you molding my mind shaping it with words… Until they were not enough to express your self-hatred?

If you loved yourself you would have not harmed a soul.

I was lost in the want and need to help you heal… I did not though want to decorate you with broken pieces from my soul… I wanted us to heal and be complete each within ourselves… But No, you wanted yours and my tears my fears my blood to build you a Castle.

How much did I tolerate for you to treat me like that?

How much? Was I that much arrogant in the belief that I was capable to hold you up while you kicked me down? How many excuses? Or did I too hate myself to think so little of myself that I would never find someone better…?

Someone to love me enough and not want to erase me from myself…

But now, I know that I am that someone better for me. I loved myself Just enough… for I got out… 🌟

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