The women I come from

do they think that we are made of rocks? Men break down mountains to build a tunnel… So, even mountains cave in – under the right pressure…

but We are only but human, women

Things I can’t fully relate to that you carried
the bitterness… the numbness… the hint of hatred… ok maybe I can just a tiny little bit, but I am fighting it and it is my mission that it shall never consume me… I won’t be bitter and grey old of age or Numb to curses & ill treatments and I refuse to be filled with hate! I won’t! No I choose to Love.

But what We truly are is;
untameable women
unbreakable women
Strong women who are able to Love despite what is lost…

Let me relate to the women I come from by their strength. The feet that walked hours to fetch water for her offspring…
Let me relate to them by the love they gave, the warmth the softness, the insight-fullness and the goodness they carried within them… the meal they prepared, the laughter and joyful songs they sang while they grinded the flour in-between the rocks…

Let me relate to the giving hands, May I never host the greedy spirit… How many times have you Hooyo given away my cloths and extra pair of shoes to a bare-feet stranger? “no need to have more than what you actually need”
the little girl I was did not understand you then, but now I do. Oh hooyo I do. May you live long and a healthy life Hooyo.

Let me relate to them by the fighter spirit they carried… never able to look away and turn a blind eye to injustice. How many nights did you not fight a stranger, Macoyo -Grandma how many nights did you knock on their door and shout until the Wife beater was cast out of his room! R . I . P Ayeeyo may God grant you Jannah and have mercy on your soul…

the Women we come from
at times I can sense their presence… they look down and guide us…
may we live a life you dare not dream about… may we bring you joy and honor your legacy ❤

The women I come from – Is the backbone to the woman I am becoming, the woman I am!
Iga beydh walal aan saro kacee
#arise #stregthofawoman #thewomenicomefrom

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