Admire from far

His thick brows, the wave in them when he wrinkles his forehead…

His sun-kissed roasted Coffee skin…

The eyes that dim down when you gaze into them

Like Oreos lost in almond Milk

Eyes like a brown pearl

Oh I envy the vocal cords that get to play his voice

…the ears that get to hear his sound

And the hand that will get to hold his…

If only he knew how blessed he is…

Beauty and brains what a combination…

But we know it for him

And we also realize he too is under Construction…

For now, he is the kind to admire from a distance.

A king in the making

Do not disturb The beauty in the chaos, The blossoming mind ~ not to be plucked and put in a pot. ~ Bloom in peace

#lovepoem #love #admirehisbeauty #mashaalah

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