the Toxins I carry

We have heard the saying “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” well it also makes you toxic. It makes you shakey, and jumpy… it makes you doubt and second guess yourself even after a deep conversation you have had with your soul mind and body.

But see, that is it. I am aware! I am aware of the toxic behaviours I carry.. and I am aware that I need to dig deeper and yank them all out. Yank the roots to them all… the process in it self is yet another cold dark and long tunnel… but for the sake of me and my sanity I am going back there.
~The toxins I carry contain ~ needy ~ clingy ~ fear ~ assuming The worst…

I heard the neighbour’s door slam and my world started spinning, head beating like drums and heart pace as if it was on a race…

what hell did I just crawl out from?! I did it though damn it I did it all by myself. and by God I will be damned if I allow myself to get dragged back in that hell cage called *love* , *love* my foot.
“I love you that is why I am like this” No eff love, if it means brown eyes turned blue and green… Eff this kind of love…

#strengthofawoman #stopvaw #strong 

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