God forbid

well here goes;

I am scared of Bitterness and her long nails she wants to dig into my skin so deep. God forbid.

~I PRAY May She never succeeds.

I remember her words so bitter so harsh. They taste like fake earrings. The gold has worn off and your ears start itching. Cheap piece of jewelry. Good for The Eyes, cute with your outfit until they turn green and start to bitter up. ~ May we never become her.

I am scared of Brokenness and his empty Well. God forbid I fall in.

~ May we never fall in There and make our bed.

I am scared of the tamed, Caged birds. the bird with wings wide like elephant ears yet unable to fly…

God forbid.

~ I PRAY May we never be her.

I remember The look in her eyes. The tamed spirit. May we never become her. She exists in the body and is long gone in spirit, numb to curses and ill-treatments.

I PRAY May we never become her.

Allahu ma najna, God forbid I become Bitter and grey old of age. Broken bird or a tamed Lioness. God forbid. Allahu manajna.

What are you afraid of you ask?

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