My self love is not about you

Be offended or don’t be.
Just don’t feel Even sightly entitled in my presence.
The Roars of love declaration for my self
Are not arrogance. it is the metal belt swung on my flesh I am wiping off…
It is my Hut blown in-front of my infant Eyes and the shookth little brain of mine I am singing for. The ocean I crossed and all loved ones I have lost.
It is the past haunting my present I am shooing away.
It is The robbers who dine in children tears. The engine they broke my reflection I am fixing.
You enable them Every time you get offended by my self love declaration.

It is my loved ones I couldn’t save from The same faith and The guilt eating me I am soothing… So when I tell you this, believe me.
don’t you dare puff and huff in my presence … please eeF off. { YOU were taught to think of me as a vessel. Her sole purpose is to host you an offspring. Cater to you forever. Other wise She is a talking and walking shame, empty skull. She ought to be taught her place. Shh naya look down and exist in silence.} So No. Until you too are born a woman you have No say.

After all you were born The right gender in your world. I am fighting for my existence. So please Eff off and go fight a lion or a Buffalo if you dare huff and puff right over There. Thank you.

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