One deep conversation is all it took!

Oh, my Goodness and greatness!

You stimulated my mind… as we sat around the kitchen table… we had the most insightful conversation I have ever had with another soul! We spoke about what makes a human being… what transforms us… what the effects of the war has left… are we un marked by it? Or damaged goods?

I remember clearly as we sat in the kitchen… with my big sister sitting in the living room clearly not fallowing the deep heated conversation we were having…

I thought before that day that I was not ready for a relationship… I was not where I needed to be… I needed to learn, to grow and depend on my own self. I needed to find love and validation fromwithin me… for I had loved before and loved wrongfully.

But hope, oh hope what a tricky force you are… one deep conversation… and here we go!!

After you left us that day, I told my sister “oh my God oh my God, he is sooo smart! He is so insightful…”

And all that you were. I guess I have now learned we can be more than one version of our selves.

And I also learned that two halves truly don’t make a whole.

Chapter closed?

until futher notice?!..

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