Love is FREE. The text

I have forgiven too many times coz I wasn’t aware that People treat you The way you allow them. “you teach People How to treat you” Oprah.

People get possesive and ownership sick.
I believe love is FREE. Nobody pays me to Love. I love because I am able to. I want to. I need to. And love needs to roam freely. Other wise love will sufficate.

we can love and have different level of connection with different People without erasing or dimming the light in ours. Our friendship that is. The love and connection I have for my two besties are different. But I love them The same. Just The way The love for my mom and my Sister are different yet I love both so much.
But selfishness… Ruins all. People want to own you. Controll you. If they can’t they try to Controll your rep. The Thing is I am not One to regret. I don’t regret to have loved wrong friends. Because they too thought me a lesson.
People show you Who they are. You can choose to Believe or ignore. I ignored. Now it is all a lesson learned. Friendship expire too you know we can out grow them or simply we realize we desserve to be loved and loved honestly. So we walk out.
There is no need for bitterness.

At The end we each belong to our selves.
And still I love. I Will always choose to love. #choosetolove but now I love me too. And #love is FREE baby 💕

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