Yes I can do it!

I woke up in the middle of the night with a fist clenched to my chest…           

If I didn’t know that this will be the end of me before, tonight I sure do!!!

I wonder what cursed day I opened the door for you?

See I remember clearly the day I felt… Oh my God I felt like I was dentures clenching to the gums… with a glue… so helpless, so pathetic. I didn’t know where to fetch strengh or miracle within me to fight off the beast infront of me. for a brief second, I saw my life flash before my eyes. I would be tamed and distroyed I was going to be tamed if I didn’t do something. Anything.

And so I roared! it felt like another spirit took over me. I was not going to be tamed or hurt anymore. Nope. The moment I roared the giant infront of me hammering my head with it’s fists, shrunk. It was as if a scene taken from an action movie.
I did it! I saved me! – from the archives -017

Thing I never want to feel again… is being in that corner. Feeling helpless in my own safe havn. I never want to feel needy either. Like I am right now.

It is easy to find someone to cherish us on our dolled up days… but what we need is someone to love us on our ugly days. On the days we are too tired. And besides it is all with in me. Until I can truly love myself with all me, Noone is good enough or capable of giving me what I seek. I seek love, to be cherished. I am going to cheer for me the way I cheered for everyone else I ever met! YES YOU CAN DO IT. I BELIVE IN YOU: YOU ARE IMPORTANT YOU ARE WORTHY. Muni so worthy. 🙂

I need to fix this crack. This particular crack that keeps letting trespassers in. Bloody trespassers.

we are done with them.

#selflove #svaw

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