The pact

Part of the bleeding pages was ripped… oh it felt like a first wrenching into my chest

We made pact

It could be a scene in a movie

Or some facial expression of a stranger that draws out the fragile within us, but me and her we made a pact…

We weren’t going to be old of age and bitter… We weren’t going to let them win. The robbers

The darker my eyeliner  the red in her lip,
Would mean it was that kind of a day… Something or someone had come through the cracks and thus exposed the fragile One within us.

Here is

a wish to distract you from seeing the fragile within us… So be hung up on the darkness of my eyeliner and the red on her lip.

She would get the ice cream and I the comedy…

We would laugh until we cried ourselves to sleep…

Part of the bleeding pages have burned off and we are ready to renew our pact.

” I  promise I will fight bitterness fight hatred. This way we are winners…regardless
Of what we have lost…”
Muni & her

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