The kiss/ fine by me

I sit by myself

I have learned to be alone with me…

I am fine by me

Fine in my own company

I have learned how to chop woods

And burn them, fire for my eyes

Fire in my soul..

I seak the heat within me, under my hoodie…

I have learned to get angry

and be the one to calm me…

Do you know I do all the things you did for me?

if only I could feel the lips that used to kiss my temple…

your lips on my forehead

flowers on my doorstep…

You shouldn’t teach someone to depend

on your love you know?

then leave and live

like our lives were never ment to be…

I guess we weren’t meant to be!

I know I can be fine by me

Now the flowers on my doorstep?

ordered by me – for me…

the fire burning?

lit by me…

I laugh loud watching the TV.

I netflix and chill all by me…

all I miss is

the kiss…

then I kiss my reflection

for I am fine by me

in my own company…

Inspired by a friend * she is fine by herself

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