I belong to me

I am my own. I belong to me. ❤️ And I will Damn sure fight for my jewels. Don’t mistake hospitality for ownership deal… I come willingly I stay lovingly house made lovely. But if you throw dirt in and turn my river green… I won’t sing nor curse in your name. But I will be damned if I let you quench your thirst from my cup again. For I am my own. And belong to me alone.

This now I know, foolish of me to have sent birds to meadle on my behalf, doesn’t the saying go;, birds of same feather Flock together? You know what the birds sang on your behalf? “so what if your river turned green? Green or clean it’s all the same. it’s your duty to be a welcoming beauty. ” again back to the empty skull which I am not.” but what I am is my own.

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