New year and found waterfalls

Hello 😊 hi there. First of all thank you for checking my blog out. Secondly do you remember when I told you about my lost waterfalls? Yeah I found them over the last 2 weeks. 🎉 My chins burned by the first drops of tears… It has been a long time ago. But all this time we knew that tears are important for the soil in our soul to cleanse and soften for the new growth. It wasn’t much… That “get it together, your kids might hear ya” voice was spot on.

But the way to softness to tender heart is found. Now that there is no more war within me… Within my shelter. No need for armors and thoughness in here 🌟 No more war within my home. #alhamdulilah. Thank God. I am welcoming the new year just by being me first off… And by continuing on this journey of exploring and expressing my thoughts and feelings… 💕

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