I loose myself but not anymore *fingercrossed

I loose myself. Time after time. Bad habits die hard. I lose myself. My bones are injected with meds. I down play it but arthritis is kicking my butt.
I stroll around the house with a chair cooking cleaning. I take them out to play everyday. Grocery under the stroller making it on time to the kindergarten. Meal is served coffee is poured.

1 hour for myself Damn it 1 hour. I had to beg for 1 hour of 7 days a week? Stop telling your daughter she is a burden. The shame and honor of the fam is beneath her neck. Stop putting the weight on her shoulder, when you teach your son to rob to take. to erase and disgrace. To puff his chest when I stopped to beg for 1 hour and demanded it.

He puffed, he grew thorns then horns, then turned green in the ring. I had put myself aside but hearing the sound of a duck coming out of my throat I turned into Khabib. Damn it. The more I did the less I was. But clearly it was me. It was me… It’s not you it’s me.

And me I and myself are loving this new flavor in our life. A familiar scent but faint memory. Her name is Valuable nick named Worthy.
I know now I am worthy. I think he knew it too… Coz he made the first Move. To the Left then he left in February.

I knew it too… I made it right in May when I moved back home. Home to where I am reminded #qimobadaneey

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