He said “you know who I am? “

Once upon a time there was a man. Man is born with a long list of things he had birthright to. a property, a land, never mind how those possessions came into being his birthright… it didn’t matter it doesn’t matter.

I still see it how man puffed his chest “do you know who I am?”

 the hair on my neck rose… chills down my spine.

 I couldn’t believe my ears or my eyes.

We both knew had he said this to my brother… there would have been my brother’s fist Frenchkissing man’s cheeks.

but I was a woman. 

Man came from and was born into the land of take what you take and take it all for it is yours. No regard or concern for the previous owner. And the ladies, well she was his. and for him she breaths. If she thinks it was about and for him. She was a vessel to bring forth his off springs… she was all and everything he ever needed yet, she was nothing. 

The irony of it all… the fact that they were both refugees… If she had lost her ways and had forgotten to be “in her place” 

 Hmm I wonder who is it to blame? No really? Who made them refugees? Who burned down her huts and robbed her treasures? who made her flee and learn a new way of living?

 Hmm… Do we blame the escape? I mean I know why she fled, but why did you? If there is an ounce of pride in you? Why not own it and build your castle up on it?

 Hmm I wonder…

Do we blame the mothers?

Mother walks crocked from carrying all her kids on he back. She limps for she lost her hip to you. She gets migraine from carrying water pot on her head, all these years. Water for you.

I know you love to start fires, but did you ever think to gather woods and start a fire to feed them and give life instead of erasing them?

Oh Ye man, please tell me who you are. Tell me how many orphans you housed. And swear you didn’t take the lives of their guardians. How many copies of the Holy Quran did you giveaway, instead of bullets to those who pray?

Tell me you washed your mothers’ feet for you know the closest way to Jannah. You know taking one life equals erasing all mankind. Please tell me you take pride inhumility and not the rivers of bloodshed.

I still can’t believe he said “Do you know who I am?!”

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